Fixe Microwave attenuators



Passive Components: MAP 10000 Series

The Massachusetts Bay Technologies Fixed Attenuator chips are fabricated using our state of the art thin film process and advanced photolithography technology. The use of special substrate material and advanced thickness control combine to make the power handling and temperature stability of these devices outstanding.

The special device design and advanced laser trim account for the attenuator flatness over frequency (+.1 dB < 26 GHz) and attenuation single value tolerance (+?.1 dB) from device to device.

All devices are available as chips with either a bare back version for epoxy die attache or a metalized back version for solder die attach.

Gold contact pads on the input and output make assembly using standard TC bonding equipment fast and reliable.

Massachusetts Bay Technologies will also supply these devices assembled in a four leaded package for surface mount applications. We also offer custom assembly in any package configuration required.