MBT’s products and services consist of acting as a primary source for hard-to-find or obsolete RF/Microwave silicon diodes, SLC’s and thin film products. Product frequencies range from 100Hz up to and including millimeter wave.

High reliability and quality control are maintained throughout various production cycles from the calibration of all test and manufacturing equipment, to incoming material inspection and controls, to final test, and precondition screening. To meet the high standards of MBT diodes, SLC’s and thin film products a quality assurance and control program established in conformance with MIL-STD-750, MIL-PRF-19500 and MIL-Q-9858A requirements is stringently applied.

All types of diodes: 

- Silicon & GaAs technology up to a millimetric frequency - PIN - Pin Diodes, Tunnel, Varactors, SRD.