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Tech inter : Microwave components and sub-assemblies

Tech-inter your french partner for high frequency projects.

Specialized in microwave for 28 years and present throughout Europe, we are closed to you.

Our products range from substrate to microwave modules, you will find among others Amplifiers, Mixers, Attenuators and microwave measurement tools. 

With ISO 9001-2015 qualification, our values ​​are Quality, Customer Service and the desire to meet your needs. 

Certification iso
photo de présentation tech-inter

photo de présentation tech-inter

Tech-inter offers a complete catalog of high-end microwave solutions:

- Connectorized microwave amplifiers and SMD up to 67 GHz

- Microwave coaxial RF & connector

- Microwave & cables 

- Connectorized mixers and CMS

- Diodes, Single layer capacitors

- Microwave measurement systems

- Connectorized and  CMS switches

- Microwave modules on request

- Wave guides 

and many others to discover on our website.



oct.  2021
Multi-Port Connector System


Multi-Port Connector System


août  2021
TS7421L - 30W CW GaN

Broadband RF Switch SPDT

Broadband RF switch

● Low insertion loss: 0.30dB @ 800MHz

● High isolation: 44dB @ 800MHz

● High linear power handling capability

● No external DC blocking capacitors on RF lines

● Versatile 2.6-5.5V power supply

● QFN 4x4mm 32 leads plastic package

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août  2021
TA9210D – 12.5W, 30 - 4000MHz

GaN Power Transistor

GaN power transistor

● Small signal gain @ 800MHz: 18dB

● Large signal gain @ 800MHz: 13.5dB

● PSAT @ 800MHz: 41.5dBm

● PAE @ PSAT @ 800MHz: >55%

● 28V – 32V Typical operation

● Operating frequency: 30MHz to 2.7GHz

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août  2021
TL0374J – 0.6 - 3.0 GHz

Ultra Low Noise Amplifier

Ultra Noise amplifier

● Small signal gain @ 1800MHz: 21.5dB

● NF @ 1800MHz: 0.35dB

● P1dB @ 1800MHz: 18.5dBm

● 5V Typical operating voltage

● Operating frequency: 0.6 to 3.0GHz

● 2x2x0.75mm, 8 pin plastic package

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mai  2021
Superior flexibility

HyperFlexTM Cable

hyperflex cable

Available in three different series, .090, .120 and .141 inch diameter, with a frequency range of DC -67 GHz


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mai  2021
Broadband Solution for Docsis 4.0


broadband solution

févr.  2021
Ultra Low Noise MMIC

NF : 0.3dB

Ultra low Noise MMIC

P1dB  = 20.5 dBm @ 1.5 GHz
Integrated LNA On/Off Control
OIP3 : 36.0 dBm @ 1.5 GHz
Gain : 20 dB @ 1.5 GHz

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janv.  2021
Plastic 2-stage GaN-HEMT

DC-3 GHz, 20 Watt

Transistor de puissance, Boitier plastique

janv.  2021
ISO renewal

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001

After a successful audit in December 2020, Tech-inter's ISO 9001/2015 qualification was renewed

déc.  2020
Low weight and stable in phase

Space qualified Alumibend cable

nov.  2020
DC-18 GHz, 0.5 ps

Delay Lines - Programmable

juin  2020
20 MHz-1 GHz, 0,4dB NF

LNA ; SAC3074Q3

20 MHz-1 GHz, 0,4dB NF

mai  2020
Interconnect solutions without soldering

DC-110 GHz

Interconnexions sans soudure

avril  2020
PCB Prototyping Machines


Prototypage PCB

mars  2020
Coaxial Amplifiers


amplificateurs DC-50GHz

févr.  2020
Thin Film technology

Single layer capacitors

Capacités monocouches

déc.  2019

Solid State switches

Switch à l'état solide

nov.  2019

Low Noise Amplifier

Low Noise amplifier

0.42 dB NF at 2500MHz

oct.  2019
Killer Bee®


cable Killer Bee®

Test Cables to 50 GHz

oct.  2019
DC to 50 GHz


 DC to 50 GHz

Cross references vs Hittite Microwave

sept.  2019
End Launch receptacles


Embases bord de carte


New range  100% equivalent to SW

Available in SMA, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm series


02 mars


TECH-INTER always further!


20 nov.

Tech-inter was in Chile at Observatoria A.L.M.A


Tech-inter était au chili

ALMA is an astronomical interferometer of 66 radio telescopes in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, which observe electromagnetic radiation at millimeter and submillimeter wavelenghts. TECH-INTER participates throughout IRAM.

09 oct.

TECH-INTER was at COTOPAXI volcano in equator

TECH-INTER on the moon !

TECH-INTER on the moon !

29 sept.

TECH-INTER was present at the show RF & Microwave


TECH-INTER était présent au Salon EuMW 2019

02 sept.

TECH-INTER was present at the show IRMMW-THz 2019


TECH-INTER était présent au salon IRMMW-THz 2019

20 mars

TECH-INTER was present at the show RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave


07 févr.

Tech-inter alaways active even at the top of Mont Blanc

TECH-INTER at the top of Europe !

TECH-INTER au sommet de l'Europe !

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