Coaxial and optical microwave sub-assemblies

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Microwave components and RF module

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Wave Guide and Cornet Antenna

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Tech inter : Microwave components and sub-assemblies

Our products range from substrate to microwave modules, Amplifiers, Mixers, Microwave Attenuators, Diodes, Radio Frequency Connectors, Waveguides. Our values ​​are Quality, Customer Service, provide the right Product as needed Tech-inter offers a complete range of products: 

- Connected microwave amplifiers and CMS up to 67 GHz 

- Microwave coaxial connector 

- Microwave cables 

- Connected mixers and CMS 

- Connected switches and CMS 

- Microwave modules on request 

- Waveguides and many others to discover on our website.

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janv. 2019


SUPERAPEX Supplier of power detector, amplifier, mixer, microwave switch. 

MATERION leader in the supply of BeOding substrate. 

NETCOM Tunable Filter Provider, LC Filter, RF Amplifier. 

MICROWAVE ABSORBER Absorbent hyperfrequency polyester, panel room anechoic ...... 

TACONIC new substrate dk 3.5 high thermal conductivity, the Prepreg Solution Taconic Qualified Qualified Speedboard. 

LANSDALE The solution to answer your problems of obsolescence. 

VECTOR TELECOM A complete line of waveguide components.

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