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Tech inter : Microwave components and sub-assemblies

Our products range from substrate to microwave modules, Amplifiers, Mixers, Microwave Attenuators, Diodes, Radio Frequency Connectors, Waveguides. Our values ​​are Quality, Customer Service, provide the right Product as needed Tech-inter offers a complete range of products: 

- Connected microwave amplifiers and CMS up to 67 GHz 

- Microwave coaxial connector 

- Microwave cables 

- Connected mixers and CMS 

- Connected switches and CMS 

- Microwave modules on request 

- Waveguides and many others to discover on our website.

A request for quotation


nov. 2019

Low Noise Amplifier

0.42 dB NF at 2500MHz

oct. 2019

Killer Bee®


Test Cables to 50 GHz

oct. 2019

DC to 50 GHz


Cross references vs Hittite Microwave

sept. 2019

End Launch receptacles


New range  100% equivalent to SW

Available in SMA, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm series


20 nov.

Tech-inter was in Chile at Observatoria A.L.M.A


ALMA is an astronomical interferometer of 66 radio telescopes in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, which observe electromagnetic radiation at millimeter and submillimeter wavelenghts. TECH-INTER participates throughout IRAM.

09 oct.

TECH-INTER was at COTOPAXI volcano in equator

TECH-INTER on the moon !

07 févr.

Tech-inter alaways active even at the top of Mont Blanc

TECH-INTER at the top of Europe !