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About us...

Tech-Inter's mission is to provide the most reliable products to meet your needs, through controlled processes based on the ISO 9001-2015 standard. 


Anticipate market trends and propose the best product solution. 


We are committed to being a successful partner for technical support, sales and after-sales service.






For more than 28 years, we have been supplying military, commercial and aerospace markets. Whatever your application, Tech-Inter will help you make the difference for your customers.



It is Tech-Inter's policy to achieve a Zero Default standard in all operations of the company. This goal is supported by all our staff through ISO9001-2015. The same goes for our suppliers: Tech-Inter works with manufacturers who operate according to the latest quality standards, to provide a product without defects, on time. 



 We strive to support our customers with optimal product definition, best responsiveness to any inquiries and fast product delivery. Our team is at your disposal for maximum support. 


Custom Product

When a standard solution is not available, we support our customers with a customized solution. This can be done by our suppliers, with a follow-up and a personalized design. We are able to manufacture a prototype or a series of volume. Always according to the latest quality requirements.


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