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BeO/ Céramique Substrate


We offer two BeO ceramics product families: Thermalox® ceramics and BW ceramics. These materials offer superior product strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings and thermal conductivity.

Beryllium oxide engineered ceramics can meet a variety of design and application needs in devices:

  - With a compact size or shrinking enclosure

  - Exposed to high ambient temperatures

  - • Where airflow or liquid cooling is not practical or prohibitively expensive

  - With heat sinks in electronic circuits

  - Requiring low neutron absorption

  - Need to be transparent to X-rays

BeO is also considered an ideal crucible material for melting and sintering operations. It is non-reactive, and we can transform it into custom crucibles with superior performance at high temperatures.


Our Durox® aluminum oxide is a cost-effective industrial ceramic material used to make components with high tensile and high dielectric strength.

It is ideal for applications that require dimensional stability, high thermal stability and low thermal expansion in forms that can be made to very tight tolerances.

Consider these advanced ceramics for a range of applications, including semiconductors, heat sinks, ceramic ubstrates, dosimeters, laser tubing and resistor cores

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