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Waveguide and Cornet Antenna

For over 30 years, our engineering, manufacturing and sales teams have been dedicated to providing the most technically advanced millimeter wave products and services, enabling our customers to translate their ideas and needs into solutions. profitable.

We are able to offer you:

• Standard MMW components 

• Antenna and quasi-optical products 

• Mixers and detectors 

• amplifiers 

• Multipliers and AMCs 

• Control components 

• Filters and ferrite products 

• Passive waveguide components 

• Test and measurement products 

• converters 

• Components and custom systems 

• MMW antenna design and test

Tech-inter offers a wide range of power waveguides from a few MHz to 10 GHz.

For applications such as:

High energy physics TV and radio broadcasting medical imaging / radiotherapy

Industrial microwave Military communications


Tech-Inter and Vector Telecom offer a range of waveguide products from 200 MHz to 110 GHz, manufactured to the TQM (Total Quality System) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) standards of ISO 9001: 2000.

Full range of Waveguide:

  • Guide components
  • - Straight waveguide
  • - Waveguide curvature
  • - Waveguide screwdriver
  • - Waveguide transition
  • - Waveguide to coaxial adapter
  • Directional coupler
  • - Crossguide with WG ports Loop Coupler
  • - 3dB Waveguide Combiner / Splitter
  • Turning joint
  • Low and high power terminations for waveguide
  • Waveguide attenuator Waveguide Circulator / Isolator ...

Microwave and millimeter wave antennas:

  • Standard gain horn antenna
  • Broadband horn antenna
  • MMDS transmitting antenna





  • World leader in millimeterwave products and solutions
  • Frequencies from 7 GHz up to 325 GHz
  • Antennas, Mixers, Amplifiers, …
  • Frequency sources, switches

Contact Contact us

01 34 94 20 40 - sales@tech-inter.eu

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