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Component Converter

Frequency converters are devices used in radio frequency (RF) or microwave frequency (HF) projects, which convert an alternating current of one frequency into an alternating current of another frequency. Frequency converters can also be used to modify voltage.







SuperApex frequency conversion products include hybrid mixers, mixers, receivers, transceivers, upconverters and frequency multipliers.

SuperApex frequency conversion devices are ideal for radio, aerospace and defense, and other broadband communications applications.

Available as surface mount devices, our reliable products allow for easy customer mounting and integration.



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ATEK Mikrodalga A.S. (ATEK MIDAS) is a technology company focused on the manufacture of high-frequency integrated circuits (RFIC/MMIC). Its main target markets are satellite communications, telecommunications, test and measurement, and aerospace and defence.

Our core RFIC/MMIC technologies enable us to create high-performance products that eliminate the risk of obsolescence.

ATEK MIDAS also develops custom solutions based on integrated circuits and modules on request.


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