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Coaxial Adapters

Adaptateurs Coaxiaux


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A complete line of over 800 coaxial adapters covering the frequency range from DC to 110 GHz, for industrial applications and also for RF and HF test and measurement applications.

Coaxial adapters are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the needs of your RF, microwave and microwave projects. Such as reverse polarity, high voltage, fast coupling, ... and we also have the capability to develop custom products dedicated to your needs.

You can see our different sizes and models of coaxial adapters below.

You can also contact us directly if you need a specific coaxial adapter for your microwave, radio frequency (RF) or microwave (HF) projects.


7/16 AdaptorsC SNAP ON AdaptorsSHV Adaptors
1.0mm AdaptorsF AdaptorsSMA Adaptors
1.85mm AdaptorsF SNAP ON AdaptorsSMA SNAP ON Adaptors
2.4mm AdaptorsFBM AdaptorsSMC Adaptors
2.4mm NMD AdaptorsFME AdaptorsSMC Adaptors
2.4mm SNAP ON AdaptorsHN AdaptorsSMP Adaptors
2.92mm AdaptorsIPEX (MHF) AdaptorsSMS Adaptors
2.92mm NMD AdaptorsLC AdaptorsSMPM Adaptors
2.92mm SNAP ON AdaptorsMCX AdaptorsSSMA Adaptors
3.5mm AdaptorsMHV AdaptorsSSMB Adaptors
3.5mm NMD AdaptorsMINI UHF AdaptorsSSMC Adaptors
4.3-10 AdaptorsMMCX AdaptorsTNC Adaptors
7mm AdaptorsN AdaptorsTNC SNAP ON Adaptors
BMA AdaptorsN SNAP ON AdaptorsTRB Adaptors
BNC AdaptorsOSMT AdaptorsUHF Adaptors
BNC HDTV AdaptorsQMA Adaptors 
C AdaptorsSC Adaptors 

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01 34 94 20 40 - sales@tech-inter.eu

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