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Coaxial Adapters

A complete range offering more than 800 coaxial adapters covering frequencies from DC to 110 GHz, for industrial and Test & Measurement applications.

Many configurations are proposed such as, reverse polarity, high voltage, quick coupling, ...   and we also have a product development capability dedicated to your needs.

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7/16 Adaptors C SNAP ON Adaptors SHV Adaptors
1.0mm Adaptors F Adaptors SMA Adaptors
1.85mm Adaptors F SNAP ON Adaptors SMA SNAP ON Adaptors
2.4mm Adaptors FBM Adaptors SMC Adaptors
2.4mm NMD Adaptors FME Adaptors SMC Adaptors
2.4mm SNAP ON Adaptors HN Adaptors SMP Adaptors
2.92mm Adaptors IPEX (MHF) Adaptors SMS Adaptors
2.92mm NMD Adaptors LC Adaptors SMPM Adaptors
2.92mm SNAP ON Adaptors MCX Adaptors SSMA Adaptors
3.5mm Adaptors MHV Adaptors SSMB Adaptors
3.5mm NMD Adaptors MINI UHF Adaptors SSMC Adaptors
4.3-10 Adaptors MMCX Adaptors TNC Adaptors
7mm Adaptors N Adaptors TNC SNAP ON Adaptors
BMA Adaptors N SNAP ON Adaptors TRB Adaptors
BNC Adaptors OSMT Adaptors UHF Adaptors
BNC HDTV Adaptors QMA Adaptors
C Adaptors SC Adaptors

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