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Variable Coaxial Attenuator

Variable attenuators are used to adjust the power signal level continuously or step by step.

Programmable attenuators are used to control the power level of microwave signals by TTL \ CMOS type control and are designed for use in ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) systems operating in the continuous frequency range up to 18 GHz.

    - DC-18 GHz, 2-300 W, 0-127 dB

    - Wide choice of attenuation, frequency ranges and step sizes

    - Stable attenuation accuracy

    - High reliability and long service life

    - TTL \ CMOS interface and driver circuits available

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MECA offers 8 models variable step attenuators with average power ratings of 2 watts (1000 watts peak) available in 0-10 dB in 1 dB steps, 10-70 dB in 10 dB steps & 0-30 in 1 dB steps.

N-female & SMA female covering Hz - 2.0GHz.

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