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Coaxial isolators

In a guided wave environment, frequency waves do not propagate in space, but are held in bidirectional waveguides. Isolators are devices that perform the "one-way" function. Isolators can be used at the output of a source to suppress the reflected wave from the source in certain RF & HF projects.






MECA offers isolators and circulators in both N & SMA-Female connectors with average power ratings from 2 - 250 watts.

The most “popular” frequency bands between 0.8 - 18.0 GHz are readily available and can ship from STOCK to 4 weeks after receipt of your order. IP 67 compliant isolators available.







We manufacture high quality RF ferrite isolators and circulators for the commercial and military markets.

We have develop a high tech concept allowing high volume electrical reproduction by utilizing the highest grade materials which prevents detuning or changes in performance in various environmental conditions.

This system enables us to manufacture and deliver quality units at acost effective prices. Our product line consists of Coaxial, Drop-in, and Surface mount Isolators and circulators.



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