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Mixers modules

Mixers are used on a signal in frequency-changing receivers, as well as in the generator circuits of the connected oscillators. Mixers are like two-input circuits, they output a sum frequency or a difference of the two connected frequencies. Well-used mixers are multipliers. The modulator must be linear for the main input and create intermodulation products.






Features :

Multi-Octave Bandwidth up to 26.5 GHz

Ultra Wide IF Bandwidth

Broad RF and LO Bandwidths

AC Coupled IF Output

High LO Drive Dynamic Range






Synergy's wide range of double-balanced, triple-balanced, high IP3, image reject, sub-harmonic and starved L.O. mixers features high Interport Isolation, broad bandwidth IF, good IF matching and flat conversion loss response.

Perfect for narrow band & broadband up/down conversion for commercial, military and industrial cellular system applications.





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