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Waveguide calibration kit







Mi-Wave Calibration kit

Mi-wave markets waveguide products in the field of radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (HF), and presents complete ranges of calibration kits that can have a frequency from 12.4 to 325 GHz.

The various calibration kit ranges available:

 - Adjustable short-circuits

 - W/O plane tuners

 - Sliding & fixed loads

We can supply Mi-wave calibration kits to suit your needs. Wide ranges of products have been designed to suit all your microwaves, microwave (HF) & radiofrequency (RF) projects.

These kits are available for purchase, and you can consult the technical specifications of the calibration kits on their website.



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Vector Telecom Calibration kit

Vector Telecom in the microwave (HF) and radio frequency (RF) sector offers a complete new range of calibration kits from 750 MHz to 110 GHz.

The Vector microwave and RF calibration kit offers exceptional precision and unrivalled performance to meet the needs of demanding professionals. Designed with care and expertise, this kit will enable you to carry out state-of-the-art microwave and RF measurements, while guaranteeing reliable and accurate results.

Buy our microwave and RF calibration kits for unrivalled accuracy and reliability. Order now and improve your measurement performance ! We can supply all calibration kits to suit your specific project needs.


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