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Waveguide antenna

In the field of radio frequency (RF) & microwave frequency (HF), an antenna is a device that radiates (to transmit) or picks up (to receive) electromagnetic waves. An antenna is an important part of radio systems, and its gain, radiation and efficiency characteristics have a huge influence on the system's performance and range.








A full range of antennas up to 500 GHz :

   - Standard Gain Horns

   - OmniDirectional Antennas

   - Cassegrain Reflector Antennas

   - Horn Lens Antennas

   - Spot Focus Antennas

   - Prime Focus Antennas

   - Scalar Feed Horn Antennas

   - Conical Horn Antennas

   - Wide Angle Scalar Feed Horns

   - Trihedral Corner Reflector Antennas

   - Linear to Circular Polarizers








Vector offers a range of antennas with an excellent quality/price ratio for applications from 350 MHz up to 110 GHz.









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