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Waveguide antenna

Anteral develops innovative technology complying with the most challenging requirements in the field of antennas, up to 500 GHz for space, telecommunications, defense, smart cities and industry sectors among others.

Anteral is formed by a highly qualified team committed with the client necessities that results in a company with a culture based on the innovation, team building and self-improvement.

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A full range of antennas up to 500 GHz :

   - Standard Gain Horns

   - OmniDirectional Antennas

   - Cassegrain Reflector Antennas

   - Horn Lens Antennas

   - Spot Focus Antennas

   - Prime Focus Antennas

   - Scalar Feed Horn Antennas

   - Conical Horn Antennas

   - Wide Angle Scalar Feed Horns

   - Trihedral Corner Reflector Antennas

   - Linear to Circular Polarizers

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Vector offers a range of antennas with an excellent quality/price ratio for applications from 350 MHz up to 110 GHz.

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