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Waveguide amplifiers

A microwave amplifier (HF) is a device that improves the/ the output power signals of a device, it will increase the amplitude or height of the wave. Amplifiers channel additional input powers to the device generating microwaves, so amplifiers give more energy to the microwave radiation of the device.








Microwave and millimeter wave power amplifiers offer a wide variety of frequency ranges up to 100 GHz or more, bandwidths, gain and power outputs.















Quantum Microwaves, specialized in HF waveguide products, offers ranges of frequency amplifiers ranging from 

2GHz to 110GHz to equip all your microwave projects.

You can go to Quantum Microwaves website to check out their HF products

We can also provide you with amplifiers from Quantum Microwaves for all your HF and RF projects.





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