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We design and manufacture high performance RF Shield Boxes, covering all cellular and WiFi frequency bands, for various applications.

Suitable applications can be Automotive Multimedia test, Mobile telephone test, Basestation transceiver test, Cellular network test, Wireless semiconductor test, and WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiMax device test.

We also provides Shielded AC, LAN, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and HDMI Feedthru Filter with very good attenuation, suitable for all applications where a signal needs to fed through a shielded wall.

The Shielded LAN and USB Feedthru Filters can be purchased separately or with one of the Ranatec Shield Boxes, in which they are interchangeable.

We offer various additional accessories with the RF Shield Boxes, creating an interface to suit your application and current needs.

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