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Paricon’s Unique Technology :

The heart and soul of Paricon’s products is the PariPoser® anisotropic elastomeric fabric.

PariPoser® fabric is comprised of nickel particles that are magnetically aligned in columns in a thin sheet of silicone elastomer.

After the silicone is cured and the magnetic field is removed, the particles retain their alignment, supported in place by the silicone elastomer.

Prior to compression, the fabric is conductive along the path of the aligned nickel balls and not conductive along the paths perpendicular to the columns of balls.

But when the fabric is compressed between a pair of flat pads, the silicone elastically moves, the nickel particles touch each other with a higher normal force, and the columns become more conductive.

The jump in conductivity happens very quickly – after about 0.001”(0.03mm) of compression. Accordingly, a successful contact engagement does not need the traditionally long travel of a spring probe or a plug-in connector.

Applications :

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