Beo / Ceramics

Materion Ceramics is a manufacturer of ceramics based on beryllium oxide (BeO) offering a full range of services. They are the global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of beryllium oxide ceramics that enable customers to achieve superior levels of strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight reduction and thermal management capabilities. The products are available in different ceramic forms and are designed according to their thermal conductivity properties, we offer the following products:

MaterialPurityThermal Conductivity
 BW3250® 99.5% BeO325 W/m•K
 Thermalox® 995 99.5% BeO285 W/m•K
 BW 1000® 99.5% BeO 275 W/m•K
 Thermalox® CR 99.7% BeO250 W/m•K