Microwave Absorbent

Microwave Absorber

Microwave Absorber SheetThe MS-058 to MS-940 provides excellent absorption performance at normal and grazing incidence at frequencies between 5.8 GHz and 94 GHz. Small batches are available for use at frequencies not listed below.

Operating temperature: -30 -85 ° C

Product No.Freq.
MaterialStd. Size
Absorb Performance (min.)Application
MS-0585.8EPDM AL.Foil500 X 10002.77.6–25dBETC-DSRC
MS-10010EVA AL.Foil210 X 2901.43.6–20dBX-band Radar
MS-24024EVA AL.Foil210 X 2902.03.6–20dBNear field Radar
MS-60060EPDM AL.Foil100 X 1002.26–20dBHigh Speed W-LAN
MS-76076EPDM AL.Foil100 X 1001.66–20dBVehicle Radar
MS-94094EPDM AL.Foil100 X 1002.16–20dBMillimeter wave imaging
MS-760KW10-76EVA100 X 1001.04–5dBMillimeter wave Noise



Microwave Absorber Sheet
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(2) MM-ES broadband broadband absorber board consists of a non-woven polyester fabric with a conductive polymer coating. It absorbs RF at frequencies between 2 GHz and 94 GHz in normal and grazing incidence. 
Material: non-woven polyester fabric, conductive polymer, aluminum foil Panel Size: 500 x 500mm Operating Temperature: -30 -85 ° C

Product No.Freq.
MS-ES272 - 94271.5
MS-ES2120 - 94211.2
MS-ES1560 - 94150.8



Millimeter Wave Broadband panel
Millimeter wave Broad panel.pdf
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(3) Wide Microwave Absorber Panel MS-F series panels are used to control RF energy at frequencies assigned to wireless LAN, TPMS, Zigbee, ActiveTag, RFID and mobile phone applications.

Material: calcium carbonate impregnated with dielectric materialSize standard: 850 x 850mm, 850 x 1750mmWeight standard: 0.5 kg / panel (850x1750mm, 10mm) Operating temperature: -30 -85 ° C

Product No.Freq.Thickness
MA-F0302 - 6GHz30
MA-F0501 - 10GHz50
MA-F100300MHz - 10GHz100



Microwave Broad Absorber
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(4) Electro-Magnetic Wave Canvas MS-PY is a new material: a polyester fabric specially coated with soft magnetic metal that effectively blocks radio frequencies at frequencies between 100 KHz and 10 GHz. It is well suited to preventing interference between communication devices, as well as cell phones, inverters and measuring devices. 
Material: polyester fabric with soft ferrite plating

Product No.Freq.Std. SizeThicknessCharacteristics
MS-PY100KHz - 10GHz1100mm x 20m150µmVery High Shield (-80 dB)
H wave shield (100 KHz)
MS-PXF1 - 10GHz1000mm x 20m250µmVery High Shield (-50 dB)
Transparent & Air permeability



Electromagnetic Waveshield Cloth
Electromagnetic Wave Shield Cloth.pdf
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(5) Light armor room and anechoic chamberThis armored chamber is made of a new material in which the polyester fabric is only covered with a soft magnetic metal that blocks microwave frequencies between 100 KHz and 10 GHz. Light anechoic chamber

Product No.Absorb FrequencyShield FrequencyMaterialStandard Size
MSR-PY300MHz - 10GHz100KHz - 10GHzEM Shield cloth,
RF Absorber panel,
Al. Sheet floor
2.4 X 2.4
1.8 X 1.8
0.9 X 0.9

Shield tent Material: 

EM shielding cloth, RF absorber panel, Al. Sheet flooringShort size: 2,4m x 2,4m, 1,8m x 1,8m, 0,9m x 0,9m, Size on request.

Product No.Shield FrequencyCharacteristics
MST-PY100KHz - 10GHz
(-40 dB)
High Shield performance (-40 dB), Magnetic Wave shield (-20 dB)
(-30 dB)
Perméabilité à l'air et translucide

Anechoic chamber
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