Non Destructive Testing & Thermal Tests

SD49 with Synergy controller and mouse 
SD49-E with lid 
SD49 with Watlow controller and lid

TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of conditioning and temperature cycling equipment. Our main expertise is to create thermally conductive environments to transfer heat to and from the biomedical / pharmaceutical sample or the electronic device test (DUT). The best-known product for this purpose is a thermal platform, often called a hot / cold plate. Thermal platforms have a flat anodized aluminum surface that uses thermal conduction to transfer heat to and from the DUT. Any product requiring temperature testing and having a reasonably low profile and a flat thermally conductive surface may be conditioned on a thermal platform.

TotalTemp Technologies, which has 40 years of combined experience in this field, has provided its customers with a new and more affordable alternative to the standard thermal platform systems currently on the market. Through the use of existing COTS technology, TotalTemp is able to use engineering techniques with proven reliability to provide high performance in heating, cooling and temperature control. of this improved simplified solution is that the TotalTemp Next Generation product line is safer, more reliable and much more economical.

Mission statement:  

To address a market need for reliable, cost-effective new generation thermal platform systems and associated products for use in environmental stress filtering applications. The TotalTemp platform has been designed for existing customers looking for new alternatives and better service. All our products will be offered at very competitive prices with a superior customer service while remaining attentive to the specific needs of the market. TotalTemp Technologies firmly believes that excellent customer service is the ability of a company to always exceed the expectations of its customers.

The PariPoser® anisotropic conductive polymer is at the heart of every Paricon contact system. Eighteen standard materials are available with several custom formulations. These products allow for proper interconnection between contacts at steps from 1.27 mm to 100 microns. The following table summarizes the standard materials. These materials are the fundamental building blocks used in contactor construction for virtually all high performance applications. They can be mounted on alignment frames and combined with other interposing structures such as crown contacts to optimally meet all interconnection needs. Paricon has created a 5-level contact system that offers superior flexibility to any known spring-loaded contact structure available. This is done while maintaining a very low loss at 40 GHz. By combining our PariProbe®contact system with PariPoser material, the result is the shortest spring pin available (~ 0.5 mm). Independent studies show that this contact has a loss of less than 1 dB at 40 GHz.