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Measuring instruments, Colby Instruments:

Colby Instruments Programmable Delay Line (PDL) series instruments offer precision programmable electrical delay for RF / microwave frequency signals in an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use instrument.

The latest PDL-100A series instruments use a patented electromechanical trombone structure and can be configured in various models to provide a total delay of 100 ns or more. Delay accuracy and 0.50 ps resolution are industry leading performance.



Microwave cords and cables, MegaPhase:

MegaPhase designs, manufactures and markets high performance RF coaxial cables and connectors for OEMs. They are intended for advanced electronic, optical and microwave applications, such as test instruments, defense electronics, satellites, data and broadband communications systems. MegaPhase's main product is its advanced GrooveTube® technology, a unique cable design used in high reliability applications including test and measurement systems.



Microwave absorber and Faraday cages, Microwave Absorber Inc:




Microwave Absorber Inc offers a wide range of microwave absorbers with excellent absorption performance and effectively absorb grazing incidence microwaves from 2 GHz to 94 GHz.

Noise suppression foils used to suppress unnecessary noise radiated and transmitted by high density mounted PCBs in mobile phones, laptops and computers. Microwave Absorber Inc offers portable Faraday cages that are lightweight to be moved and assembled.

 In the anechoic chamber, microwave absorber panels are installed, there are different types of protective materials such as fabrics, mesh and films to meet the needs of customers.



Interconnection by anisotropic elastomeric fabric, Paricon:

Over the past decade, Paricon and other independent test groups have conducted numerous studies on the PariPoser® Contact System.

These studies cover a wide range of topics from the resistance of contactors through the life cycle, to advanced applications such as the performance of space transformers. We have also carried out numerous studies on our socket and connector products.

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