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Wide range of RF and microwave components

At Tech Inter, you'll find the microwave and RF components you need. 

List of Microwave Tech-inter Components: 

-Amplifier MMIC -Amplifier -Quartz Filter,-Dielectric Filter, SAW Filter-GPS (antenna, amp, filter) -Microstrip inductance -Limiter-Load-Mixer, Modulator, -Switch OCXO / TCXO, -Quartz, -Resonator Dielectric, -MIC Resistor, -synthesizer -Lightning protection -GaAs / GaN transistor, VCO, YIG. -Antenna -Attenuator -Tunable capacitor -MIS / MIC capacitor -Circulator / Isolator -Coupler -connector -Diode PIN / -Varactor / Tunel -Schottky diode / -Gunn Phase detector -Filter cavity 

Tech-Inter represents the following leading manufacturers: 

Advanced microwave /ASB /ASC / Jye Bao  /DST /Eclipse microwave/  Lansdale /Linear photonics  /MBT /Meca / Mintres /Netcom /Polyphaser /SRI /Synergy Microwave / Sumitomo Electronic /SuperApex /Techniwave / Tronser -Trimmer /Thermoptics.... 


 Tech-Inter's policy is to achieve a zero defect standard in all company operations and meet the ISO 9001 quality standard. This goal is supported by all our staff. The same goes for our suppliers, Tech-Inter works with manufacturers who meet the latest quality standards to provide a product free of defects. 


 We strive to help our customers with the optimal definition of the product, the best responsiveness to any request for information and a fast delivery of the product. Our team is at your disposal for maximum support. 


When a standard solution is not available, we help our customers with a customized solution. This can be done either by our suppliers, or by a custom design for our customers and their manufacture in prototype or series. Always according to the latest quality requirements. Tech-Inter's mission is to provide the most reliable products to meet the needs of our customers, anticipate market trends and offer the best product solution. We are a value-added sales representative and a distributor. Because we represent the brand image of our suppliers, we are committed to being a preferred contact partner for technical support, sales and after-sales service.