In our catalog you will find a preselection of coaxial module and sub-assembly microwave components, you can follow the links of our suppliers to get more information. 

At Tech Inter, you'll find the module and RF coaxial subassembly you need. 

 Note: Custom development or measurement services are welcome! 

The Tech-Inter R & D department is at your disposal if you need technical assistance for your RF and microwave applications. 

Founded in 1993, Tech-Inter offers more than 20 years of practical experience in the microwave field. 

Our team will gladly help you to define the best solution for your needs in terms of performance, cost and delivery. 

Tech-Inter représente les principaux fabricants tels que :

  • Advanced microwave
  • ASC
  • Jye-Bao
  • Eclipse microwave
  • Linear photonique
  • Meca
  • Megaphase
  • Microwave Circuits
  • Nextec
  • Nuwavesengineering
  • Polyphaser
  • SRI
  • SuperApex
  • Synergy
  • Tecom
  • Techiwave

We can count on the company TECHNIWAVE whose main activity is the design, development and manufacture of microwave components and RF subsystems. 

Techniwave's design staff is highly qualified and has many years of experience. 

Based in France, TECHNIWAVE is committed to producing high quality products.