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Optical Tx / Rx / up to 4 GHz 

Photo-Hyper from 4 to 30 GHz 

Hybrid fiber-coax networks 

EW Hi-Rel systems Remote sensing systems 

Component photoreceptor up to 30 GHz 

DLink - 4 GHz microwave linkXiMod - 25 GHz microwave linkTriMod 

- Transmitter modules - 4 GHz full duplex receiver 

External microwave links DL 

TimeLink modules Remote 

GLink gps antenna


Transmitter module

 1 RF input 3 digital inputs 

Receiver module 1 RF output 3 digital outputs 

Supports radio frequencies from 10 MHz to 4000 MHz 

Miniature form factor (1.00 "x 1.00" x 0.68 "per module) 

High isolation between channels (> 80 dB) 

Low power consumption On / off control 

Surface mounting 



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