RF adapters and connectors




Jyebao is a vertically integrated manufacturer of coaxial connectors, adaptors, cable assemblies, raw cable and passive components. 

With 3 factories in Taiwan where all design, production and testing is done. Testing capabilities include: VNA ( up to 120 GHz), time domain, PIM testing, thermal shock test chamber; hermetic testing, IP testing, corrosion testing, X-ray testing on plating thickness, durability testing,…

Over 2000 standard connectors are available off the shelf. Moreover, they make a lot of customized RF connectors: on average 3 new connectors are developed each week.

Coaxial adapter: 
Series DC to 18 GHz: 

MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMZ, BNC, TNC, N, F, SMA, TNC, ..... reverse polarity, high voltage, ....

Precision coaxial adapters between 67 GHz DC series: N, SMA, SMA 2.9 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm.